Free PTC Mathcad Express has some heft to it

More than the usual freeware demo, this subset of Mathcad Prime 2.0 allows users to create new documents and edit existing ones.

Without fanfare or even a press release, this week PTC released Mathcad Express, a forever-free subset of Mathcad Prime 2.0. Like many CAD industry freeware products, for the first 30 days after download Mathcad Express is a fully functional demo version of Mathcad 2.0 Prime. But unlike most CAD industry freeware, after 30 days the remaining feature set actually has some value beyond looking at files.

PTC Mathcad Express is a freeware version of new Mathcad Prime 2.0. (Source: PTC)

The tools remaining available in Mathcad Express after the first 30 days include equation editing, various numeric functions, units, and XY plots. There is also a conversion utility to bring older Mathcad files up to date with Mathcad Prime 2.0. Mathcad Express can both create new documents and edit existing ones. It is also possible to review and markup engineering notes. In case the user forgets there is a full-featured version available, Mathcad Express also shows the occasional ad and watermarks exported files created in the product.

A comparison chart between freeware Mathcad Express and PTC Mathcad Prime 2.0. (Source: PTC)