AEC CAD pioneers launch SmartBIM Access Suite

The suite provides a web-based way to organize, store, manage, and display Revit data.

A team including two AEC technology pioneers has launched SmartBIM Access Suite, a browser-based search, evaluation, and download tool for reusable BIM objects.  The company, also called SmartBIM, calls its Access Suite a repository for the management, storage, and use of BIM data.

SmartBIM Access allows architects and designers to search generic and branded building information models (BIMs) in order to visually examine the characteristics and details. With a click of the mouse, users can drag the object from the Web-based SmartBIM Access software directly into their Autodesk Revit project—no downloading product BIM libraries or the laborious, time-consuming creation of new objects.

SmartBIM Access Suite organizes, manages, and visualizes Revit data. (Source: SmartBIM)

Access Suite is compatible with Autodesk Revit, and offers these features:

Library Manager:  An object and content management service which allows BIM objects to reside in one location, saving searches across files, folders, and servers to find specific objects.

QTO Cost Check: Produces a Quote-to-Order takeoff on-demand, providing a snap shot of current costs. Publishes quantity take-offs from Revit projects to the repository, and displays quantities in a web browser. Uses Revit’s view and phase filtering features to control building elements and phase states to be extracted to a take-off and cost checked in RS Means.

Revit catalog distribution: Provides a single, organized repository for firm-specific Revit catalogs.

The browser-based application is compatible with Autodesk Revit 2012 and includes BIM search functionality by category, Uniformat code, and Omniclass code.

Company principals include Arol Wolford, best known as the driving force behind Construction Market Data Group and a founding board member of Revit Technology Corporation; and Dennis Neeley, AIA, founder of early AEC CAD firm ASG, which later merged with Softdesk and was later purchased by Autodesk.

More information on the SmartBIM website.