Nvidia’s processors used in research to crack the armor of the latest Coronavirus

spike-protein-structure (1)
The pointy bit. (Source: Nvidia)

As perhaps you’ve heard. The vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is just around the corner. Or, maybe not.

Advances are being made nonetheless. Nvidia reports that researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institute of Health have cleared a difficult first hurdle for developing treatments and vaccines. The teams have been able to build a 3D, atomic-scale map of the virus with the help of Nvidia’s GPUs.

In their paper on the project, the researchers say “2019-nCoV makes use of a densely glycosylated spike (S) protein to gain entry into host cells.” So, the goal for researchers is to target that spike for study, treatments, and vaccines.

For more information about the GPUs role, see Nvidia’s post here.