Keeping the legacy alive: EVGA’s GTX 1660 Ti extends Nvidia’s legacy

JPR tests EVGA’s new gaming board with Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti 

JPR  reviews Nvidia’s new GTX 1660 Ti from EVGA and finds the new board has everything the gamer needs. The first new board based on Nvidia’s Turing GPU is built for gamers, meaning it doesn’t have the dedicated cores for ray tracing and AI that are on the RTX versions for professionals but it does support Turing enhancements such as multi-modal support for floating point and integer calculations, Variable Rate Shading (VRS), Adaptive Shading, GDDR memory and more. Most important for us, the new board scores high on the JPR Pmark, which measures price/performance. According to JPR’s testing, this board is a strong competitor.

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