Foundry’s interview series discusses career paths across disciplines

Embarking on a new career path can be a testing process. Aspirants look for sage advice from leading professionals at the start of their career journey into technology. Foundry’s recently launched series of video interviews Voices Behind the Tech highlights the career paths of the people who advance VFX, CGI, and animation technology.

For more than 20 years, Foundry has been developing award-winning products for the digital design and media and entertainment industries. Christy Anzelmo, chief product officer at Foundry, says, “Career paths in technology and VFX are rarely straightforward. Through this initiative, we will share learnings from Foundry employees across the company on how their careers developed and discuss their advice for those entering animation, VFX, and other STEAM careers. I’m excited to share the stories and insights from the talented team members behind our tools and hope they inspire others on their journey.”

Currently, the video series focuses on the leading women at Foundry across various disciplines, including research and development, engineering, product design, product management, and customer support. In the first video, released March 22, Anzelmo talks to members of Foundry’s R&D team who contribute to the acceleration of Nuke’s performance, Foundry’s advances in machine learning, the management of technology programs, and so forth. Johanna Barbier, senior research engineer, Machine Learning, along with Peri Friend, technology program manager, and Anna Karapetyan, Nuke senior software engineer, share what inspires them to reach new heights and give insights to those interested in pursuing a career in technology.

In the second video, Elise Testa, industry marketing manager, talks to customer support and the creative specialists team about technical support, product demonstrations, and tips to get the most out of Foundry’s software. The team includes Caterina Malfe, customer support engineer; Ruth Hutton, creative specialist; and Iulia Giurca, head of customer support.

Two additional videos in the series—on product design/management and career insight—will become available on April 5 and 12, respectively. To see the latest released interviews, visit