HP ExtendXR enables VR All-in-One devices management

HP offers an XR end-to-end solution.

HP’s commercial XR team has a new SaaS solution that the company says will streamline deployment and management of enterprise VR at scale. In collaboration with ArborXR, an AR/VR device management company, HP will integrate ArborXR’s technology to power HP’s extended reality (XR) device management platform, HP ExtendXR.

This strategic collaboration enables HP to leverage ArborXR’s software to help companies scale XR deployment, combined with HP’s global support and expertise while running on HP’s Horizon secure cloud infrastructure.

This is the way

We’ve seen commercial VR come into its own the past two years. We’re at a tipping point for VR for these applications, and no one wants to be left behind. This is especially true in the area of training.

Price Waterhouse Consulting found that vocational learners are nearly three times more confident to act and put their skills into practice after training via virtual reality and that training with VR is four times faster on average than the traditional classroom approach.

HP says they are also seeing innovation with an increased focus on health and wellness, specifically being able to improve how highly connected teams collaborate in the early stages of concept design for new products and architecture, and how teams improve customer engagement with the benefits of immersion and human-scale virtual experiences.

However, as those solutions take off, customers are finding it difficult and time-consuming to set up hundreds to thousands of VR AiO (All-in-One) devices. And, once they’re set up, there is no straightforward way to deploy VR applications and keep the software, operating system, and device firmware collectively up to date. What’s been missing is a complete end-to-end way of managing VR in the medium-to-large organization commercial setting.

HP ExtendXR features the following capabilities and updates on a monthly release cadence:

  1. Streamlined VR device setup and
  2. A simple-to-use and -manage single-pane-of-glass browser console for deploying VR applications and keeping headsets updated, enabling support management from most phone, tablet, or PC devices, anytime, anywhere.
  3. Control and enhance the VR headset experience for an organization’s end users, including support for Kiosk Mode and HP’s ExtendXR Home customizable application
  4. Support for agency and enterprise inter-organization content sharing to provide MSP, system integrator, content developer, and value-added partners working closely with medium-to-large organization

HP says ExtendXR will provide a seamless solution that encompasses a company’s IT department security concerns as well as an extra dimension of VR usage analytics built directly into the service from the ground up. The security features in HP’s ExtendXR solution include console access control, user roles, the option to host content on one’s own S3 cloud storage, application and device updating oversight, a 100% audit log.

HP ExtendXR will be offered with two service options: HP’s Standard Plan and HP’s Premium Plan. Pricing, a  free trial, and other information can be found here. The service is available March 1, 2022.