Creo 9: Design on the fast track

New features help drive innovation.

PTC has released Creo 9, the latest version of the company’s CAD software, providing features that enable users to take advantage of emerging technologies such as generative design, real-time simulation, and additive manufacturing.

Updates to Creo 9 across the core modeling environment improve productivity and ease of use. For instance, updates to the model tree make it faster to structure, document, and understand design intent. Also, a new function for dividing surfaces improves analysis and product definition. Advanced Model Based Definition (MBD) and detailing tools have been added, enabling users to include specialized downstream manufacturing information on the model.

Furthermore, Creo 9 is better able to take advantage of more powerful simulation and generative design. With that in mind, more advanced multi-physics from Ansys have been added to the product’s simulation portfolio, along with generative design technology that enables engineers to include safety factors and more into their designs. The company has also expanded Creo’s ergonomic tools, including a new Vision Field Analysis capability for analyzing line of sight and field of view when operating equipment or driving a vehicle.

Enhanced additive and subtractive manufacturing tools have been added, as well. For instance, with more control over stochastic and formula-based lattices and user-defined support structures, users are able to handle more advanced additive manufacturing scenarios.