Canva Launches Developers Platform, Introduces Canva Apps SDK and Connect APIs

Canva has announced the launch of its developers platform, offering developers worldwide the opportunity to create and integrate apps with Canva.

Source: Canva

The announcement was made at Canva’s first-ever developers conference, Canva Extend. The SDK includes a Starter Kit that allows developers to quickly set up their first app and expand its functionality using purpose-built Canva Apps APIs. These APIs provide various capabilities such as fetching and adding content, editing designs, authenticating users, and handling data.

The Canva Apps SDK went through an extensive beta program, with feedback from a waitlist of over 11,000 people. This feedback allowed Canva to refine the SDK and create a fast and intuitive app-building experience. Developers can now leverage the following APIs to build a wide range of design and design-adjacent apps:

  1. Asset API: Allows users to upload media to their Canva media library quickly and efficiently.
  2. Data API: Enables developers to become a data source and seamlessly import data into Canva.
  3. Design API: Provides tools for building design-centric apps, including adding content, editing existing designs, and facilitating end-to-end content management flows.
  4. Fetch API: Allows developers to send HTTP requests to third-party servers for tasks like integrating external services and offloading server-side tasks.
  5. User API: Bridges the gap between Canva and third-party platforms, ensuring app security and allowing users to authenticate via their preferred platform.

In addition to the Canva Apps SDK, Canva also unveiled the upcoming Canva Connect APIs. These REST APIs, set to launch later this year, will enable developers to seamlessly connect their apps with Canva, facilitating the synchronization of designs, assets, and comments across platforms. The Canva Connect APIs will simplify and automate workflows, and users will be able to integrate existing files into Canva and edit them directly—an important step toward creating an end-to-end visual communication tool. The waitlist for the Canva Connect APIs is now open for registration.

Canva’s developers platform offers several advantages for developers looking to leverage the platform. With 135 million people already using Canva worldwide, developers can tap into a large user base and expand their app’s reach. The Canva Apps SDK, powered by the new APIs, empowers developers to enhance the Canva community’s design experience, increase productivity, and streamline workflows.

Canva’s platform provides a wide range of products within a single, user-friendly interface. From magic tools to a Visual Suite encompassing Docs, Presentations, Video, and Websites, Canva offers everything users need to create visual content. By building Canva Apps, developers can meet users where they are and unlock even more opportunities.