Autodesk introduces Fusion 360 extensions


Autodesk’s cloud-based CAD/CAM tool, Fusion 360 provides collaborative product development. In October 2018, Autodesk made a change to its Fusion 360 subscription model and merged Standard and Ultimate versions in a new commercial offering that could take advantage of Fusion 360’s generative design, advanced simulation and CAM capabilities. However, cloud credits are needed to run generative design and advanced simulation studies. The new Fusion 360 subscription is available at US $495/year.

Depending on project requirements, sometimes the users in design, engineering, or manufacturing field may need advance tools to complete the task.  Autodesk has announced a new manufacturing extension in Fusion 360 to cater this demand. Additionally, powered by aPriori, new costing insights for its generative design workspace will enable users to view manufacturing cost estimates for each design result. Later, Autodesk will be adding two manufacturing constraints to its generative design workspace: die casting constraint for generative design and 2.5-axis milling constraint.

According to Autodesk, the new extension will act as a hybrid manufacturing environment and will allow users to perform processes like complex surface finishing, automated drilling, additive manufacturing, and automated verification workflows. The extension can be activated with in Fusion 360 by paying 125 cloud credits per month, per user. A user can activate extensions on a short-term basis or on an ongoing basis, depending on the business needs.

After obtaining generative design solutions from specified design requirements, a user will prefer to select the design that is cost effective. Therefore, Autodesk partnered with aPriori to integrate manufacturing cost insights for generative design. The costing model accounts for geometry, material, and manufacturing method.  APriori will analyze each design variation created with a generative design study to identify its manufacturing cost range. The process is fully automated.