NexTech AR Solutions debuts AR advertising technology

Startup debuts CaptureAR to drive AR ads.

Founded in 2018, and based in Toronto, Canada, NexTech is aiming to democratize AR market through its e-commerce, education and training applications and customized entertainment experiences across many market verticals like fashion and apparel, footwear, luxury goods and accessories, etc.

NexTech has just launched its 3D/AR Ad Network for both advertisers and brands. CEO of NexTech AR, Evan Gappelberg says that end-to-end solutions like 3D assets creation, online 3D/AR display ads, WebAR 3D product views, and education and training will help NexTech grab a share of the projected $240 billion online advertising market (as estimated by IndustryARCresearch in 2018).

NexTech is building its infrastructure on standards. Last year, NexTech joined the Khronos Group and adopted the standard GLTF file. Recently, the company expanded its platform to work with Apple’s USDZ file, Apple’s file format for 3D models for use in AR.

Gappelberg says support for USDZ “… expands our ability to provide engaging AR experiences from SMS messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat on iPhones”.

NexTech reported record revenue and gross profit of $2,580,000 and $1,340,000, respectively, for Q4’19. The company claims they’re off to a great 2020 with record revenue of $800,000 for January and income of $528,000.

The company says they have signed 22 new customers. NexTech is banking on the power of 3D. They say, interactive 3D ads have competitive edge over traditional 2D ads and NexTech has a competitive edge through their content creation development pipeline including their CaptureAR technology which enables companies to convert real-world products into 3D/AR web formats. CaptureAR will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.