Zwsoft licenses Lightworks technology

The leading Chinese CAD vendor will use Lightworks Artisan to add 3D photorealistic rendering to its software in 2012.

Chinese CAD developer Zwsoft has licensed Lightworks Artisan technology and will use it to add photorealistic rendering to ZW3D, its 3D mechanical and architectural CAD product, in 2012. Zwsoft is the first Chinese vendor to license Lightworks technology.

Lightworks Artisan allows viewing of photorealistic virtual products or buildings while they are still being designed. Its SnapShots functionality enables users to save snapshots of scenes at any stage of the design process which can then be reapplied at any time.

Lightworks technology is embedded in over 80 software applications and used by more than 3 million users worldwide. Zwsoft has more than 180,000 clients in 80 countries.

Lightworks rendering technology is used in a variety of 3D applications for manufacturing and architecture. (Source: Lightworks)