Make a video from playing in a video game

Nvidia GeForce Experience allows users to record themselves in the action on supported games.

By Jon Peddie

Nvidia has generated a clever new app for PC gamers that uses an Nvidia GPU (desktop or notebook) called the GeForce Experience.

The app has two features: a DVR-like recorder, called ShadowPlay, that will make a video of what you did in the game, and an optimizer/tuner for game settings.

Screenshot of Nvidia GeForce Experience control panel. (Source: Nvidia)
Screenshot of Nvidia GeForce Experience control panel. (Source: Nvidia)

When the app is run it finds all the games on your machine—well, most games; it didn’t find Stalker, but that’s because the app only finds games that are supported. To see if your favorite games are supported go to the GeForce home page.

After the app inventories your ma­chine, the main screen appears. The main screen shows a list of the games, and when you select one, a screenshot of the game appears in the window under the settings list. You can decide if you want the game optimized or not (we recommend it). If you allow the app to optimize the settings, it matches them to the AIB in your machine.

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