Toon Boom Releases Free iPad Animation App

The Emmy-winning software developer brings fingerpainting-simple animation to the iPad.

Flipboom Lite for iPad includes features such as Shake to Erase and Finger Pinch to scale and translate.

Montreal-based software developer Toon Boom Animation has released Flipboom Lite, a free app designed to create simple smooth-looking animation on an Apple iPad. Using fingertip input, the program allows the user to doodle, scribble or draw a sequence of images and then add simple animation.

Included in Flipboom Lite is a sample project offering introductory tools and a playful approach to learning animation.

Toon Boom is an experienced animation software house, and winner of an Emmy for technical achievement. The company’s high-end products have been used in a wide variety of TV and motion picture animations, including The Rugrats Movie, SpongeBob The Movie, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and Curious George.

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