LG shows concept demo of roll-up screen

Curved, thin, flexible: Pick any two.

Korean manufacturing behemoth LG created a stir at CES yesterday when they presented a concept demonstration of a digital display device that can be rolled up like a newspaper. The resolution on the 18-inch prototype is 1200 x 810. LG says the goal is 4K quality on a 55-inch screen.

LG’s concept demo, a roll-up display screen 2.57mm thin. (Source: LG)
LG’s concept demo, a roll-up display screen 2.57mm thin. (Source: LG)

LG was able to create the demo device by making a key production change. Past flexible display devices have used LED technology; LG has switched in its development work to thinner, more-flexible OLED technology (organic light-emitting diodes). The change allowed them to give the current model a thickness of 2.57 millimeters.

A limitation in this concept demo is the screen can’t be made completely flat. That limits such obvious uses as a replacement for newspapers, or for construction or shop documents. Smartphones and automobiles are a more likely first stop for this technology.

What do we think?

The old computer industry adage is “fast, good, cheap: pick any two.” So far for flat displays the equivalent seems to be “curved, thin, flexible: pick any two.” Someday, it will all come together. But don’t throw away your wide-format printer just yet.


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