Nissan PDQ Tool Becomes Elysium NXdoctor

Developed by Elysium for Nissan, NXdoctor is now in general release.

NX doctorA data validation tool for Siemens PLM NX—once only available to Nissan Motor Company—has now been released as a product.

Elysium’s NXdoctor is a product data quality (PDQ) tool that validates and repairs 3D CAD data. It is designed to be customized by an OEM to create a single standard across the manufacturing supply chain.

NXdoctor was originally created for Nissan, who has used it for years to create PDQ guidelines to assure correct data for any subsequent 3D use scenario. The automobile manufacturer’s PDQ criteria dictate a unique 3D data control checklist for itself and for suppliers. NXdoctor enables both Nissan and those who work with the company to validate and secure the quality of all sent and received CAD data pertaining to product design and development. The software allows users to check 3D data directly from within Siemens NX in accordance with Nissan’s strict specifications. Data meeting these requirements is validated by an encrypted authentication key.

“Many companies are starting to implement PDQ management to prevent issues caused by problematic CAD data,” says Elysium Inc. COO/Vice President Ken Tashiro. “There is a particular need for automatic error detection, modification and validation of received data because it’s very time-consuming and costly for designers to detect and correct those PDQ errors within their own CAD. NXdoctor resolves these issues.” §