New version of AutoCAD WS supports paper space layouts and Inventor DWGs

The popular iPad/iPhone app also adds support for eight languages, a magnifying preview of snaps, and more.

Autodesk has released an update to its AutoCAD app for iPhone/iPad. New features in AutoCAD WS 1.2 include localization in eight new languages, new support for layouts, a copy tool, and a magnifying preview of snaps.

Languages: Autodesk WS now supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. The language is selected based on existing device user preference. Help files have been translated, and the supporting website now matches the user’s language. Autodesk chose the supported languages based on existing downloads.

AutoCAD WS now supports eight additional languages. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

Layouts: AutoCAD WS users can now switch from model space to paper space views, to see all plot information as it would appear on a printed sheet.

To view a layout, tap the Layout button and select the desired layout from the available list. Tap the Layout button again to hide the selection. Editing of objects in layouts is disabled; users need to switch to model space to modify objects.

The inclusion of layouts in AutoCAD WS 1.2 means the app can now support DWG files created in Autodesk Inventor the same as DWG files created in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD WS now supports both model space and paper space view. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

Snap Preview: For extra precision in the placing of lines or objects and the selection of specific line intersections, Snap Preview displays a magnifying glass whenever a user holds a finger to the screen for a second.

Hold a finger in place for a second, and AutoCAD WS provides a magnifying glass for increased precision. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

AutoCAD WS can now copy objects. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

Copy Tool: When one or more objects are selected, Copy is a new option. To use, tap the copy button and specify a base point for the object or group to copy. Then tap again or drag a finger to select the next point to position the duplicate, and tap Done.

Brush Tool: The Brush tool has been added to the set of Markup tools and replaces the previous free-line tool. This new tool enables smoother free-line markups and doodles, with more control and customization. To use, tap the Brush tool and tap again to select a brush width from the five choices offered. The currently selected brush width is indicated by a halo.

A new brush tool replaces the free-line tool. (Image courtesy Autodesk)

Feet and Inches: AutoCAD WS 1.2 is now able to display Imperial units exactly as they are meant to be seen, in feet and inches.

AutoCAD WS has improved its display of feet and inches. (Image courtesy Autodesk)