MHT Profiles “Visionary … Hands-on” Incoming PTC CEO Heppelmann

MHT’s “The Mover” column takes a look at the incoming CEO of PTC, maker of Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill.

Online journal Massachusetts High Tech has posted a profile of incoming PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann. The article is at:

Heppelmann was named earlier this year to replace long-time CEO Richard Harrison, who is moving on to the role of Executive Chairman. Heppelmann came to PTC in 1998 when it acquired Windchill Technologies.


  • “I’m a technical guy with a fondness for tinkering. I like machinery and equipment. I’m a hands-on guy — a ‘get your fingers dirty’ guy.”
  • He helped to change the PTC style, as well. “The company was viewed as aggressive and sometimes arrogant,” he said. “In the 1990s it had a great product but was difficult to do business with. Now it’s viewed as a great partner with a great product with a tremendous amount of repeat business.”
  • “I’m always about the power of technology and the ability to solve problems and create advantages at a customer site. Going forward I want to continue to position this company as visionary technology.”