MAXON releases major CINEMA 4D update

New sculpting, layering, and broadcast integration top the list of 200+ new features.  

Maxon has released a major update to Cinema 4D, the popular 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting, and rendering software product. Cinema 4D Release 14 includes a new sculpting system, camera matching, exchange plugins, and improved integration with Adobe After Effects. Maxon says there are more than 200 new features in the update.

Maxon Cinema 4D is a popular tool for merging CG images with real life. (Source: Maxon)

Key features:

Digital Sculpting: New sculpting tools give artists new ways to create finely detailed models. A layer system offers extra flexibility. Complex sculpted objects can be “baked” into displacement and normal maps applied to low-poly meshes.

Camera Enhancements: The Camera Calibrator offers an integrated solution to match 3D camera images to a 3D environment, a feature that will be popular with architects and matte artists. The Motion Camera, Morph Camera and Camera Composition Helper frame a 3D scene following well-established composition rules. The Camera Focus Picker allows users to interactively set focal distances.

Integration: Seamless integration with The Foundry’s NUKE compositing application allows direct export to a NUKE project with multi-pass layers, including full support for OpenEXR and FBX files. The Photoshop Extended exchange plug-in enables opening and manipulating Cinema 4D scenes into a Photoshop 3D layer. Enhanced integration with After Effects brings new levels of performance to directly import and export native Cinema 4D files.

Maxon is a division of Nemetschek, the Munich-based vendor also known for its architecture and engineering software products. Cinema 4D is available for both Windows and Mac.

Cinema 4D Release 14 includes a variety of tools for integrating with other video and DCC products. (Source: Maxon)