Design for Manufacturing Summit; discounts for GfxSpeak readers

The DFM Summit is now an international series with meetings held in the Netherlands and New York. The organizers are also looking at other locations in Europe and North America. The Summit will return to the U.S. and Brooklyn, NY on October 9.

The Design for Manufacturing Summit is an international series of events that brings together industrial designers, makers, developers, engineers and manufacturers to explore new approaches to design and manufacture. DFM Summit #7 is the next meeting in the United States and will take place in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday evening, October 9.LOGO_DFMFORUM_6x4_ICON The main keynote at will be provided by DFM and Lean Design pioneer Sandy Munro. Also speaking is Dana DeMeo, CTO of Intelligent Product SolutionsPanels will cover the evolution of the maker scene, networked manufacturing, cloud PLM/CAD and interdisciplinary collaboration in product development.Design for Manufacturing Summit #7 will be hosted by Daniella Romano.If you’re in Europe, there will also be a DFM Summit #6 on October 3 in Amsterdam.

GraphicSpeak is happy to be a media partner of the event. Use this link to sign up and get a 50% discount if you register before September 1.

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