Luxion debuts 3D web technologies at Siggraph

KeyShot extended with Web service rendering and 3D interactive web display.

Rendering technology expert Luxion introduced two new 3D web technologies to its KeyShot line at the recent Siggraph conference. The company presented 3D rendering as a web service and interactive web viewing of photorealistic models.

Web service rendering

Luxion has joined with server technology firm Sabertooth Interactive to create LuSt, offering 3D rendering as a web service (3DRaaS). It is designed for commercial situations where a high quantity of rendered images may be required, or where a remote client needs to select from a large number of models to create photorealistic images. LuSt allows the client as well as the creator to create custom photorealistic images.

LuSt, a joint venture between Luxion and Sabertooth Interactive, introduces 3D rendering as a web service. (Source: Luxion)

LuSt takes the Luxion CPU-only render engine inside Keyshot and places it inside a scalable server platform. Luxion says the CPU-only approach makes the product more flexible for deployment, either as a hosted solution or on a company’s internal servers. Specific images showing product variations can then be created by the user from the materials, models, and lighting environments made available.

Luxion says pricing will vary based on the implementation approach the client chooses (server-based or hosted) as well as on the number of simultaneous users the solution should be able to handle.

KeyShotVR web viewing

KeyShotVR is an add-on to KeyShot that automatically generates code to embed any ray traced 3D content in a web page. The result can be displayed in any browser that supports HTML5. The content can be manipulated using mouse or finger gesture, depending on the device. No special plug-in is required on the viewing end. KeyShotVR does not use WebGL, which makes it possible for Internet Explorer users to work with the renderings.

KeyShotVR allows interactive viewing of high-quality 3D rendered content in a web browser. If your browser supports HTML5, click on the model to move or rotate it. (Source: Luxion)

KeyShotVR will be sold as an $1,000 add-on to KeyShot Pro. It is now in the final stages of beta testing and should be on the market by October 2012.