IMSI/Design TurboReview first to support 3D PDF on iPad

The company best known for TurboCAD is carving out a niche in mobile.

Today IMSI/Design announces TurboReview for iPad, the latest in its growing line of AEC mobile viewing products and the first to offer review and mark-up of 3D PDF files.

TurboReview for iPad can place mark-up text in 3D files so that the text is always facing forward. (Source: IMSI/Design)

Notable among product features are two orientation features: first, text added to the 3D PDF is always facing forward, even if the 3D model is rotated; second, arrow leaders added for review can snap to a 3D object.

TurboReview is the fourth AEC viewing app for iPad from IMSI/Design, best known as the maker of TurboCAD. Other products are free and paid versions of TurboViewer, which was the first to support full 2D and 3D viewing of DWG files on the iPad.

Other features include:

Mark-Up Features

  • Red-mark tools: Markup 2D and 3D objects using:
    • Line
    • Circle
    • Rectangle
    • Revision cloud
    • Highlighter
    • Text
    • Rectangular text box and leader
  • Inquiry tools: Distance/Dimension; Angle; Perimeter; Area
  • Layer Manager – Layer view manager to turn layers on/off, invert layers, turn all layers on/off
  • Layout support – View model space and now paper space layouts in your drawing
  • Create screen shots of drawings and markups
TurboReview for iPad supports DWG and DXF CAD files as well as a variety of other drawing and image formats. (Source: IMSI/Design)

Viewing Features 

  • Multi-touch navigation; Pan, zoom, and 3D orbit around document
  • A variety of visual styles include wireframe, hidden line, x-ray, gray scale, shaded, shaded without outline, and more
  • Adjust edge color range from white-gray-black
  • Adjust x-ray transparency factor
  • Option to use default or model lights (if any in drawing)
  • Option to render both inside and outside model (force two-sided rendering)
  • Custom perspective view – view 3D models in realistic perspective angles with the ability to view in human eye perspective or specify custom camera lens sizes in mm
  • AutoCAD SHX font support – Native SHX font support to view localized or custom SHX fonts in the drawing file
  • TrueType font support – Native TTF font file support to view True Type Fonts in drawing file
  • Supports AutoCAD linetypes – Maintain visual fidelity as intended
  • Restore saved AutoCAD views

Usage options

  • Tactile sound feedback – Sound confirmation for button and UI item selection
  • Autosense for 2D or 3D drawings – Option to automatically set appropriate gesture navigation of a drawing or model
  • Option to use two fingers to 3D rotate/tumble or constrain orbit
  • Navigate full-screen preview during file load; Cancel errant file load

File Sharing, Interoperability, and Localization 

  • File Management:  Create sub-folders; Cut/Copy/Paste/Rename files and folders
  • Email marked-up files
  • Native support for DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, 3D PDF (U3D), plus more than a dozen other common AEC file formats including TCW, 2CD, 3DM, 3DS, ASAT, CGM, DCD, DGN, EPS, FCW, IGS, OBJ, PLT, SAT, SKP, STEP, STL, STP, and WRZ
  • Support for 15 languages:  Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

TurboReview v1 for iPad is now selling in the Apple App Store for an inductor price of $34.99.

Our take

In April when TechSoft 3D showed off prototype technology for 3D PDF on an iPad, IMSI/Design’s Bob Meyer was in the front row. It is no surprise they are the first ones to market with a 3D PDF viewer; working closely with technology partners has become normal operating procedure for the retail CAD vendor. Its close relationship with the Open Design Alliance allowed it to be first to market with a 3D DWG viewer for iPad, even before Autodesk released such a technology.

TurboReview provides a variety of tools for drawing mark-up. (Source: IMSI/Design)


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