How many cores does it take to reach singularity?

Jon Peddie leads an all-star panel at the 2012 Multicore Developers Conference March 27.

Six computer industry thought leaders will explore the possibilities that come from obtaining computing power equivalent to the human brain in a panel discussion at this year’s Multicore Development Conference, March 27 in San Jose, California. Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, will lead the panel discussion.

The premise before the panel is simple: If you project Moore’s Law, using x86 architecture, you can predict we will have the equivalent computational processing power of the human brain by 2020-2030. If you add in single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) devices such as graphics processing units and Knightsbridge-class processors, the curve bends upward and we hit equivalency by 2015-2020. What’s the ultimate forecast? What does it mean to have that much compute power – will it be used for good or ill?

Joining Peddie on the panel will be:

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"The Singularity" (Source: Jonathan Bethel,