Geometric launches NX design for manufacturability module

New DFMPro for NX joins existing version for SolidWorks and Creo to improve design review efficiency.

Geometric Limited  has launched DFMPro for NX, a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) tool which performs upfront design for manufacturing validation and provides suggestions to avoid downstream issues which impacts cost, quality and product launch time. DFMPro works inside NX, the enterprise CAD solution from Siemens PLM Software.

Geometric Ltd. says its new DFMPro for NX can provide up to a 60% productivity increase in preparing parts for manufacturing by identifying issues early in the design process. (Source: Geometric Ltd.)

Geometric says design engineers spend around 20% or more of their time on rework due to iterative product development processes which impacts product launch plans. DFMPro acts as the equivalent of a spell checker, assisting design engineers in identifying areas of a design which are difficult, expensive and impossible to manufacture or service.  Other versions already exist for Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks and PTC Creo.

DFMPro comes with pre-configured design for manufacture (DFM) guidelines and global best practices in the industry for various processes including machining (milling, turning, drilling), injection molding for plastics components, and sheet metal fabrication. DFMPro also comes with pre-configured rules for design for assembly (DFA).

Geometric says the DFM design guidelines available with DFMPro are derived from various handbooks and guidelines “and from the knowledge shared by DFM consultants who are experts in their areas.” The existing set of manufacturing guidelines can be configured to match organizational standards. DFMPro also acts like a knowledge capture tool by providing a framework for organizations to add their own best practices and capture the knowledge residing within the organization.