Geometric launches CAMWorks Nesting

New SolidWorks add-on automates the process of segregating similar parts for computer-aided milling.

Geometric Limited has released CAMWorks Nesting, a SolidWorks add-on designed to nest the layouts of SolidWorks parts or assemblies, aiding in optimizing material utilization.

Plate nesting output from CAMWorks Nesting. (Source: Geometric Ltd.)

CAMWorks Nesting is designed to allow users to transition 3D SolidWorks models, sheet metal parts, or assemblies to CAM nested SolidWorks 3D assembly files while staying within the SolidWorks interface. It utilizes the nesting features of NestLib, Geometric’s automatic true-shape nesting library, to generate the most optimized nested layouts. The company says users will be able to nest composites, wood, and metals, to quickly produce the maximum number of parts from a single piece of raw material.

CAMWorks Nesting automatically nests parts based on the thickness and the material within an assembly, eliminating the manual effort of segregating individual parts with the same thickness and material during a nesting operation. The nested results are compatible with SolidWorks, and can be further utilized for toolpath and NC code generation.

The module supports nesting of wood for the wood-working industry, as well as composites nesting for industries like aerospace manufacturing.