Delcam desperate to hire more sales and support staff

Sales would have been even better in 2011 if they could have gotten more sales and technical support staff up to speed.

UK CAM specialist has a problem; one other software companies wish they had. It seems Delcam can’t hire sales and technical support staff fast enough.

According to Delcam Commercial Director Bart Simpson, (unrelated to the lead character in a popular TV show), the company feels rather pinched. “We are especially keen to add more people for our sales teams in our subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, USA, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as in the UK.”

As reported this week in GraphicSpeak, Delcam had a bang-up 2011. Simpson says it might have been better if Delcam could have brought new staff up to speed sooner. “The on-going recovery in global manufacturing, in particular in the aerospace and automotive industries, means that more sales people will be needed to meet demand for the company’s manufacturing software and more technical staff will be required to train and support Delcam’s growing number of customers.”

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Delcam had a record attendance at its recent Sales Partner Meeting but still needs more people. (Source: Delcam)