Daz introduces the Supersuit

Genesis technology allows character designers to make thousands of costume variations.

Daz Software is committed to mak­ing 3D creation fun. The company of­fers tools for users to create 3D char­acters and to dress them up and show them off. Daz also sells characters. The company has a marketplace that allows members to sell content to each other, and Daz has been exploring the cloth­ing side of the business because obvi­ously that could be a really good mar­ket for incremental sales.

Characters created with Daz Genesis technology show off new Supersuit possibilities. (Source: Daz)

Most recently the company an­nounced its new Genesis Supersuit, a 3D clothing product that lets users gen­erate thousands of costume variations. The company is using shader technolo­gy, which lets users adjust variables and create new materials including metals and fur. The company says it has at­tracted more than 250,000 new users with its initial offering of free software.

The software has been developed with 100 intelligent material zones, which can be customized for size, shape, and material. There are zones for the head to create a wide variety of head gear and zones for the body to create clothing. The company says it can manage everything from futuristic armor to furry customers.

The new Daz Supersuit software starts at $39.95 for the starter bundle and goes up to $199.95 for the Pro Suite. Col­lections of pre-configured clothing are also available.