Aveva Plant portfolio update tightens 3D links

New features include deeper integration between modules, enhanced reporting capabilities, and extended language support. Elements from schematics may be compared with the master 3D plant model. 

Aveva today announced the 12.1 release of Aveva Plant, a suite of its various solution for process and power plant design. Key themes of the update include enhanced reporting, improved productivity, and extended language support features.

Aveva PDMS 12.1, the key component of Aveva Plant. (Source: Aveva)

Many of the new features come from improvements to Aveva Schematic Model, with the effects radiating through the other modules. Schematic Model can now store P&IDs from any “intelligent” P&ID application (one supporting the ISO 15926 standard for plant data). These P&IDs can then be used to create, compare and modify the 3D plant model (in Aveva PDMS) using AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator. This new interoperability makes it possible to integrate multiple P&IDs from different contractors on a project without data re-entry.

Aveva Schematic Model now allows direct comparison of schematics with the 3D model. (Source: Aveva)

P&ID design can now benefit from PDMS functions, such as multi-user working, revision control and global project execution. This makes it possible to have complete and consistent schematic information integrated into the master model.

There is a new ability to create report templates with a wizard, adding images and charts to the model, making it easier to create a more professional presentation. Users also benefit through the standard model library, with the ability to reuse designs from existing built-in complex components, reducing man-hours spent on design.

3D modules of equipment such as pumps can be imported from other sources for use in the master plant module. (Source: Aveva)

Unicode support offers extended language and data exchange capabilities for global design teams. Symbolic drawings and 2D drafting functions can display different languages simultaneously, depending on the team member using the model.

This update also provides support for Windows 7.