AVEVA launches new Laser Modeller to create 3D as-builts

The new software creates a 3D model in PDMS format based on any leading 3D laser scanner.

AVEVA Laser Modeller adds engineering value by enabling laser scan data to be converted directly into an intelligent, as-built, 3D PDMS plant model.

AVEVA today launches AVEVA Laser Modeller, a new product to transform 3D laser scan data into intelligent, as-built 3D plant models for the PDMS environment. AVEVA formally unveiled the product at SPAR 2011, a conference on the use of 3D scan data in engineering and other professions.

Traditional techniques for converting laser scan data into an intelligent 3D model requires many days of costly modeling services for each hour of scanning time. In most cases, the cost is too high to justify the total investment in 3D. AVEVA says Laser Modeller changes the fundamental ground rules by automating most aspects of the modeling process, producing a fully intelligent 3D model at a fraction of the time and cost of existing techniques.

AVEVA says Laser Modeller can accept scan data from any of the leading laser scanning vendors so users are not locked into a specific hardware supplier. It directly generates 3D models to feed into a visual asset management strategy, and for Brownfield projects using native PDMS component catalogs, delivers a fully intelligent PDMS model. This transforms the modeling process by eliminating the unnecessary service intensive steps, dramatically reducing the time and cost of model creation.

AVEVA says the new product is part of its overall laser scan portfolio, complimenting rather than replacing existing products.