Autodesk letting out teasers about new architectural concept modeler

Teasers about a new architectural concept modeler from Autodesk are starting to appear on the web. Project Vasari appears to be a technology from Revit stripped down for initial conceptual modeling and site analysis.

Right now the most popular products among architects for early stage architectural concept analysis are SketchUp, Rhino, and Form-Z, not Revit or Autodesk or MicroStation. Autodesk would love to bring concept modeling back into the Revit workflow, and needs something simple to do this.

Blogs that keep a close eye on Revit say Project Vasari is headed to Autodesk Labs soon, which means it will be a free technology preview. Given Autodesk’s recent moves, it would not be at all surprising if Project Vasari appears on the iPad as well as the desktop.

Here’s the video released by Autodesk to YouTube:

Google search for “Vasari Revit”: