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Boxx bets on Zen to power an AMD comeback in workstation CPUs

The company is an early backer on Zen to power an AMD comeback in workstation CPUs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Reviewing a workstation from Boxx is a delight. No knock against the big box vendors who do sensible and innovative jobs in creating and building workstations. But the workstation volume-leading trio of HP, Dell, and Lenovo face different constraints and priorities than does Boxx, and the latter is free to be significantly more aggressive in pushing the envelope on workstation product design, components and configurations. The company sent us a pair of its latest workstations — the Apexx S3 and Apexx 4 model 6301, and as usual, there was no confusing these machines with what you’d find among the offerings of the high-volume suppliers. …


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