ODA adds cloud technology to Teigha CAD engine

The new client will allow developers to create mobile versions with a variety of standard rendering features.

The Open Design Alliance has updated its Teigha software development platform with a new cloud-based framework for rendering. ODA members may use the Teigha 4.0 to write mobile or desktop CAD applications which use Teigha Cloud to provide WebGL-based graphics support.

NanoCAD from Russia-based Nanosoft is one of many new CAD programs to spring up in recent years that use Teigha technology.

NanoCAD from Russia-based Nanosoft is one of many new CAD programs to spring up in recent years that use Teigha technology.

Teigha Cloud allows ODA members to choose when and how to take advantage of cloud-based computing resources, says Neil Peterson, CTO of the member-owned ODA. “ODA’s cloud strategy differs from most other companies in that our goals are openness and flexibility. We are giving our members complete control so they can, for example, host applications themselves or deploy them on partner or customer sites.”

Using Teigha Cloud, .dwg and .dgn drawing files are stored on a remote server and can be accessed by a lightweight client within any WebGL-compatible browser. Standard rendering functions include zoom, pan, 3D rotation, visual styles, selection, and layer control.

Teigha 4.0 also contains enhanced support for mobile platforms, including Java support for Android and improvements to Android and iOS rendering.

“Cloud technology is a key focus for us, but it’s not a panacea,” says Peterson. “Native apps are the preferred choice for many situations, and Teigha fully supports native development on iOS and Android.”

Teigha version 4.0 is available for download by ODA members at www.opendesign.com. A demo version of Teigha Cloud is available on the ODA member portal.

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In the last few years six specialized components from established independent vendors including TechSoft 3D and Dassault Systems Spatial have broadened the ability of software developers to write quality software that supports the .dwg standard. The addition of cloud rendering technology to Teigha further streamlines the development of new CAD software that keeps up with the strong demand for mobile technology—and allows developers an alternative to using only Autodesk technology.


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