DWG update: a new view of an old standby

DWG plays a strong role in modern CAD workflows.

(Source: Autodesk)

The year 2022 marks the 40th birthday of AutoCAD and its native format DWG. The format has shown a resiliency that goes far beyond its original role as the carrier for AutoCAD data. Today, a number of companies offer DWG as an output option or even as their native format. As a result, the format has grown as an industry standard.

Jon Peddie Research has joined with Autodesk and Business Advantage to conduct a survey among CAD users to better understand the role DWG plays in modern CAD workflows. In addition to inquiring about their experience using DWG, we also asked users about how BIM and DWG are integrated in their workflows and about their use of point clouds.

The survey was sent to over 200,000 CAD users to reach a goal of 650 survey respondents.

The survey saw strong participation from 2D users, but over half (52%) are 2D and 3D users. Respondents depend heavily on DWG and see it as an industry standard for data exchange. For BIM users, DWG enables smoother workflows as multiple companies come together on projects.

The survey results and commentary in this report, 2022 Value of DWG and Exchange Formats, are available now for download.