VoxelSensors’ Switching Pixels Active Event Sensor Evaluation Kit for XR EXperiences Deserves a Look

VoxelSensors unveiled its groundbreaking 3D Perception technology, the switching pixels active event sensor (SPAES), and premiere the related Andromeda Evaluation Kit at AWE USA 2023 last month, and we wanted to make sure we got it covered. Better late than never because this solution aims to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds, providing enhanced extended reality (XR) experiences.

Source: VoxelSensors

SPAES represents a new category of ultra-low power and ultra-low latency 3D perception sensor. VoxelSensors’ patented technology has power consumption below 10 milliwatts and latency under 5 milliseconds. Additionally, it remains resistant to indoor and outdoor lighting conditions at distances over 5 meters and is immune to crosstalk.

It eliminates the need for slow frame rates associated with traditional 3D sensors. Instead, it delivers real-time transmission of 3D data points at nanosecond refresh rates to the device and application. The SPAES technology, designed for efficiency, provides the lowest latency for perception applications while minimizing power consumption. It caters to previously unmet needs such as precise segmentation, spatial mapping, anchoring, and natural interaction.

JPR analyst, Karl Guttag, has a favorable review of the Voxelsensor technology on this personal blog. (Source: kguttag.com)

In his review of the technology, Karl Guttag wrote VoxelSensors does provide much faster initial detection of movement, taking only around 1 millisecond compared to the typical 16-33 milliseconds. The use of simple triangulation for depth calculation instead of complex methods like speed of light measurement or stereo image processing brings advantages in terms of accuracy, speed, and power efficiency. The system does seem to enable higher frame rates, longer distances, and better use of eye-safe laser light. While the potential for shrinking the VoxelSensors system and reducing the production cost of remains to be seen, it is anticipated that VoxelSensors will eventually become competitive with time-of-flight cameras in terms of both size and cost while offering the aforementioned advantages.

Just prior to AWE, in May 2023, VoxelSensors secured a €5M ($5.4M) investment led by Belgian venture capitalists Capricorn Partners and Qbic, with contributions from finance&invest.brussels and existing investors. This funding will hopefully help VoxelSensors’ get to that elusive competitive size and pricing.