The colorful Onyx Boox e-paper device

The Tab Ultra C. (Source: Onyx)

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C e-reader tablet PC is the first E Ink color device with a 10.3-inch screen. The display supports 4,096 colors in color mode and 16 shades of gray in black-and-white mode. The device offers four operational modes and ships with many useful features.

Early this year, Onyx International began offering the Tab X E Ink device and now is offering a larger E Ink HD color tablet PC called the Tab Ultra C, its latest offering in its Boox line of products.

For those unfamiliar with electronic paper, or e-paper, technology, it is a type of display that mimics the look of printed paper on the screen. E Ink Corp. manufactures E Ink electronic paper. Typically, e-paper displays are used in digital readers for books and documents. The nice thing about them is that unlike typical LCD screens, it is easier to view in bright, outdoor sunlight. 

The 10.3-inch Tab Ultra C from Onyx has a high-performance hardware platform built on a new eight-core, 2 GHz processor from Qualcomm, and runs Android 11. It also has a new graphics processor with Boox Super Refresh technology for high-speed screen refresh and smooth movement of objects on the screen. In fact, the groundbreaking 10.3-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 screen boasts a resolution of 150 ppi for color (4,096 of them) and 300 ppi for black and white. The Tab Ultra C is intuitive to use, with a tablet-like UI and features. It supports capacitive touch for finger input, inductive touch for input with the pen stylus, and will work with any Bluetooth keyboard, responding instantly to tap, swipe, and pinch actions.

The Tab Ultra C has four operational modes:

  • HD Mode for turning pages with the fewest afterimages.
  • Balanced Mode for easy typing and reading.
  • Fast Mode for fast page scrolling.
  • Ultrafast Mode when using apps and viewing dynamic content.

With the color support, users can distinguish among the various subdued pastel colors and employ different colors to mark up text, using highlights, underlining, and even handwritten notes.

The device has 4GB RAM plus 128GB internal memory, along with a microSD card slot. It also supports 24 digital formats ranging from PDF to HTML. As is typical with e-paper devices, the display consumes low power. There’s also a 16MP camera, pre-installed audio player, and fingerprint scanner. A built-in G-sensor automatically provides the correct text orientation when the device is rotated. In addition, the Tab Ultra C supports various accessories including a magnetic keyboard for more versatility. Handwritten notes can be achieved with the Pen2 Pro magnetic stylus with eraser.

The Tab Ultra C is priced at $599.99 and will start shipping May 12. A monochrome version of the 10.3-inch Tab Ultra is also available for $559.99.

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