Stratasys to organize webinars on Selective Absorption Fusion technology

Stratasys is hosting two webinars next week that focus on Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) technology. The company says SAF technology employs an infrared-sensitive High Absorption Fluid (HAF) to melt and fuse particles of plastic powder together layer-by-layer.

SAF technology is behind Stratasys’ H350 printer that helps control the print process to get accurate, consistent production parts at effective costs.

Upcoming webinar on February 22 discusses how a bicycle saddle manufacturer used the H350/SAF to get control of their production and costs. Register for the webinar here.

Beauty and Brawn webinar on February 23 discusses a method to achieve an incredibly smooth surface finish and increased vibrancy on the SAF components. Learn how this non-abrasive surfacing process provides enhanced scratch resistance, consistent and repeatable color, and takes your production parts to the next level. Register for the webinar here.