Siemens’ latest data exchange format provides open exchange of process engineering information

ODB++Process, along with other data exchange modules, provides the complete solution of open formats for the entire digital thread.

Siemens has announced the expansion of its industry-leading ODB++ data exchange format. ODB++ is a manufacturing-oriented PCB product model data format, containing all data necessary to fabricate, assemble, and test in a single file structure. ODB++ is the most widely used intelligent data exchange format in the PCB industry.

There are over 50,000 ODB++ users worldwide grouped under the ODB++ umbrella (ODB++Design, ODB++Process, ODB++Manufacturing). Siemens‘ newest data exchange format, ODB++Process format completes the full solution of open formats for the entire digital thread to help customers achieve fast and reliable new product introductions with a complete dataset for machine programming.

The ODB++ family of formats are supported by an active community, via an open, inclusive partnering program, free of charge and without membership fees. To access these formats, visit

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