Pioneers of Siggraph

The Siggraph Pioneers is a unique subset among the many contributors to Siggraph and the CG industry as a whole. They are an experienced group of CG practitioners, many of whom have roots that have been firmly anchored within the field of computer graphics for decades and have pioneered many advancements in the industry. As members of the Pioneers, they take on the mission of continuing to serve the graphics community through a number of endeavors. Each year, they meet up formally at Siggraph, and their discussions often involve CG technology past, present, and future. During this private gathering, they host a guest speaker whose knowledge of and influence on the CG industry is extraordinary. This year, for the first time, all Siggraph conference-goers are invited to attend the speaker presentation, which features four distinguished people from various positions held at one of three renowned universities within the North Carolina Research Triangle known for their work in CG and interactive graphics.

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