Lenovo’s Dual Screen Yoga 9i laptop is stirring social media

Twitter, like most social media, is not good for a lot of things like mental health, anger management, and dad jokes. On the other hand, when it comes to measuring the pulse of the cognoscenti, it can be a very useful, albeit anecdotal, resource. So, it is with CES 2023. You really don’t have to be there any more; avoid the crowds, save on expenses, and don’t lose a mortgage payment at Baccarat because you are not James Bond.

Here’s where I am going with this, I first saw this come down the wire:

Powered by up to the latest generation of Intel Core™ processors, the Yoga Book 9i enables users to take advantage of a full laptop experience along with the flexibility and multi-tasking potential of dual screens. These thin and light laptops, built on the Intel Evo platform, are designed and engineered to provide seamless communication experiences across a wide range of apps while minimizing the impact on responsiveness, battery life, and connectivity.

The Yoga Book 9i’s dual screen technology empowers consumers to enjoy a unique range of versatile experiences. It could be as simple as having the ability to surf the web and view the image across two full screens with an easy 5-finger motion. Or, for those wanting to work on two separate files simultaneously, they can view both files, one on each screen, for hyper-productivity. Similarly, consumers can watch a video on one screen while taking notes or researching on the second screen at the same time, without interruptions.


I immediately wanted one. I thought that maybe I am biased and making a big deal out of it because I believe you can never have enough screens to work on. I let it go. But, as I doom scrolled through my Twitter feed, in-between the usual political nuttiness and Elon stan wars, I started to see a groundswell of love for this thing, this awkward beauty.

It goes on a bit like that with consumers and influencers alike. And, yes, I realize that this is not a scientific poll or statistically viable, but I know Twitter and it’s a big win for Lenovo at CES. More importantly, it may be a harbinger of a general shift in the perception of foldable screens. If you were a skeptic before, I am talking about me, you are going to be less skeptical now. And if you have a desktop with more than 2 monitors, I am talking about me, then you are going to like the thought of having a mini-me multi-display laptop.

Granted, the next time you pull one of these things out at Starbucks and try and do some work on it, it will be like broadcasting to the room, but you will also be the coolest person in there which may not mean much to actual cool people but it is a precious thought for remote workers of all ilks.