AMD has a winner with Ryzen

Mt. Tiburon Testing Lab puts an AMD-equipped Cyberpower PC through the paces.

By C. Robert Dow

AMD is betting big on its latest processor line, Ryzen. It has been designed from the ground up for both performance and efficiency. AMD says it has achieved a 52% gain in performance over its previous generation Excavator core processors without increasing power requirements.  

Cyberpower PC Gamer Master Ultra, the test unit for testing AMD’s new Ryzen CPU. (Source: Cyberpower PC)

The new design features higher internal bandwidth with an improved low-latency cache. Simultaneous Multithreading enables the processor to feed the GPU and the company says its energy efficient FinFET design will enable it to scale up to enterprise products and down to competitive, low cost clients. Is that enough? AMD says there’s a lot more to come, but our testing puts AMD’s new CPU in the game.

AMD provided us with a flashy new PC from Cyberpower PC built around the new Ryzen CPU. We it ran through a battery of CPU and PC tests (including graphics). We compared the 8-core, 3.7 GHz AMD Ryzen 7 to a 4-core, 4GHz, Intel Core i7-6700k, which is not exactly an apples-to apples comparison, but close enough.

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