Take a Virtualization survey and win $500 for your favorite charity

JPR and Business Advantage are gathering data on workstation virtualization trends and usage.

Jon Peddie Research and Business Advantage are gathering usage data on workstation virtualization technology. Those who take the time to complete the survey (about 10 minutes) will receive a summary of the results and will be entered into a drawing to have a $500 donation made to a charity in the winner’s name.

virtualization abstractCreating a virtual workstation, remotely within a server, that provides access to software, data, models, and visualizations, on any client device, and in collaboration, has been the goal and desire of industrial, design, construction, and scientific industries for decades. In 2014, the dream exhibited its initial realization. In 2015, it is now an accepted reality, and the discussion and investigation has moved to modality of implementation, bandwidth and latency issues due to geography, and management planning and aspirations.

The opinions and experience of GraphicSpeak readers will provide valuable information that will benefit both vendors and end users.

The survey will take about 10 minutes and must be completed by Monday, September 28th, 2015. JPR and Business Advantage will ensure all answers are completely confidential and will be used only in combination with others we receive.

To learn more about virtualization technology, consider attending the 2015 JPR Virtualize Conference, at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt on Thursday, October 29, 2015. The sessions and presentations will be by experts who have installed systems, developed the technology, or managed companies using virtualization.

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