SolidWorks-based die design tool ports to BricsCAD

3D direct modeling and constraints for the .dwg crowd, without a subscription to AutoCAD.

A specialized mechanical CAD developer with roots in SolidWorks is now shipping a new version of its progressive die design toolset which works in .dwg-based BricsCAD.

The SolidWorks version of DSTools allows tool designers to generate die set designs and a manufacturing bill of materials with a few design inputs. Created by DesignSense of Bangalore, India, DSTools has an embedded knowledge base of tool design information. In 2015 this add-on for SolidWorks was awarded “Solution Partner” status by Dassault Systemès.  

DesignSense has ported its SolidWorks add-on for progressive die design to the BricsCAD platform. (Source: DesignSense)

DesignSense has now created a version of this 3D product for BricsCAD, a .dwg-based 2D/3D CAD product from Bricsys, of Ghent Belgium. DesignSense Director Rakesh Rao says it is the only product of its kind for the .dwg platfrom, from any vendor. “We have exactly the same functionality [as the SolidWorks version] and more running in BricsCAD.”

Rao claims the BricsCAD version of DSTools is the “most intensive development” project so far to use the high-level 3D direct modeling and constraints engine added to recent versions of BricsCAD.

What do we think?

AutoCAD users keep griping about being forced to move to subscription-based payment plans. DesignSense has been making a nice living selling to SolidWorks users, yet chose BricsCAD over AutoCAD as its second supported platform. Perhaps some of those anti-subscription AutoCAD users will take a closer look.  If they do, they will discover a .dwg editor that can still be purchased on a perpetual license, and which also happens to cost thousands of dollars less.


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