Project Falcon update reads all STL files

Just in time for Autodesk University comes a new release of the wind-tunnel simulation software preview as a stand-alone install.

Project Falcon provides basic wind-tunnel simulation. (Source: Autodesk)

In September we reported on Project Falcon, an Autodesk Labs technology preview that basically put wind tunnel simulation inside Autodesk Alias Studio Tools. In time for this week’s Autodesk University, Labs has released an update to Project Falcon that installs as stand-alone software and is capable of running stereolithography (STL) files from any source.

This means, for example, that someone who uses Rhino 3D could output an STL file then test it in Project Falcon. An interesting use case would be to take photos using Autodesk’s Project PhotoFly Project (now renamed Autodesk 123D Catch), then export the data as an STL file and upload it for analysis in Project Falcon.

More information is available at the Project Falcon page at the Autodesk Labs website.

A 3D image of Autodesk Labs developer Scott Sheppard was created in Autodesk 123D Catch (formerly Autodesk Labs Project PhotoFly), exported as an STL file for import by Project Falcon. (Source: Autodesk)