Nvidia’s VR platform Holodeck is available for early access

Nvidia wants to know thoughts of experienced 3D designers about Holodeck.

Nvidia had revealed Project Holodeck design application in May at GTC 2017. Project Holodeck offers collaborative virtual reality platform where designers can import and simulate high-resolution models with the feeling of real-world presence.

Nvidia is calling Holodeck its “design lab of the future” and announced early access to NVIDIA Holodeck for selected group of designers, developers, and inventors.

Collaborating on true-to-life like complex models in virtual space. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia is offering following capabilities in Holodeck:

  • Ability to render large and highly detailed models photorealistically, in realtime, in true-to-life size. This reduces need of physical prototypes.
  • Ability to create and collaborate with people, robots, and objects in a physically simulated environment. Difference of real and virtual world is minimized through inducing visuals, sound, and sense of touch in VR environment.
  • Ability to collaborate naturally and in realtime in the same virtual space. Distance doesn’t matter for collaborating on a project in virtual world. Design teams from different locations can meet virtually  and take decisions.
  • Enhanced workflows with AI-powered simulation tools. Nvidia’s Isaac, an AI-enabled robot, and Holodeck interact together. This helps in testing robots in virtual environments and making them more safe for real world.

Nvidia says that it is going to address increasing growing demand for the deployment of deep learning techniques in virtual environments in upcoming Holodeck updates. Capabilities for AI-based training, simulation, and content creation will also be considered.


Holodeck enables everyone involved in design project build, explore, and understand complex designs in a shared VR environment. The team members  can collaborate in realtime on photorealistic models. Applications for Holodeck early access are being accepted now.