PhotoBeamer turns any screen into an iPhone slideshow display

Scalado technology is buried inside most smartphone cameras; now the company is branching out with consumer apps.

Scalado has just the thing for people who want to look at their iPhone photo collection on a larger screen. The company that helped bring photography to cellphones has released its first iPhone app, PhotoBeamer, which connects any computer to the iPhone’s photo library.

Scalado PhotoBeamer links the iPhone photo library to any computer connected to the Internet. (Source: Scalado)

PhotoBeamer is dirt simple to use. Once the $0.99 app is installed, point the iPhone at any computer screen displaying the home page. The iPhone will read the QR Code displayed and link the two computers. There is no need for pre-configeration, registration, etc.

Until recently Scalado has been only a supplier of photo technology to cellphone vendors. When GraphicSpeak profiled Scalado a year ago, its technology was running on over 900 million cell phones; the count is now well past 1 billion. Now Scalado is moving out from behind the curtain. A few weeks ago it introduced Scalado Album, an improved on-screen photo album for Android smart phones; and Scalado Camera Lover, a set of filters and related functions for Nokia Symbian devices.