Lattice Technology Releases XVL Player v12.0

Enhanced free 3D viewer now supports Mozilla Firefox, process animation.

Lattice Technology has updated its XVL Player and XVL Player Pro digital mock-up and viewing software for manufacturing.

The free XVL Player enables full viewing, measurement, markup, cross-section and animation playback. XVL Player Pro enables access to the additional data, such as annotation, metadata, animations, assembly tree and more, embedded within the XVL format.

XVL Player and XVL Player Pro are used in manufacturing firms to share manufacturing data across departments, suppliers, and customers. (Source: Lattice Technology)

New features in both versions include support for Mozilla Firefox, and new tools to support the latest process animation authoring and mBom enhancements in XVL Studio.

The latest version of XVL Player is for anyone needing to view XVL data; it can be downloaded free of charge at the Lattice Technology website. XVL Player Pro customers with current maintenance can download the updated version free of charge.

XVL is the digital mock-up format used by Catia to share information across departments, suppliers and customers. It is widely considered to be the industry’s most compressed 3D format with no loss of accuracy of the data. The lightweight footprint for 3D allows complex 3D data and assemblies to be viewed on lower-specification PCs and easily shared across a network or the Internet.


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