Hexagon acquires myVR for 3D GIS interactive viewing

The Norwegian company creates software that enables high-resolution real-time viewing of interactive maps over low bandwidth.

Technology conglomerate Hexagon AB has acquired all shares in the Norwegian company My Virtual Reality Software AS. Known as myVR, the company provides software for 2D, 3D and 360-degree viewing for desktop and mobile. myVR has developed a patented technology platform that enables high-resolution real-time viewing of interactive maps over networks with limited bandwidth. The platform makes it possible to view large-scale models on any 3D hardware-supported client platform, including mobile phones and tablets.

Founded in 2003, myVR provides real-time, 3D virtual technology to the Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, Government and Web Portals industries, as well as other traditional and emerging digital markets.

“Everything is going mobile, including our customer offerings,” said Ola Rollén, President and CEO, Hexagon AB. “In the past, the problem with displaying 3D data on a mobile device such as a tablet has been size limitations of data transfers, and also the ability to handle the transfer in a real-time environment. myVR has a unique solution to this problem, and Hexagon will make use of its technology in all of our divisions.”

Hexagon says the acquisition will not have any visible impact on earnings in the short term.