Exploring the democratization of 3D

Jon Peddie Research will examine “3D for the people” at its annual Siggraph Asia Press Luncheon.

It is a given that people love 3D content. It used to be a given that creating 3D content was hard and expensive. But things are changing. There is a growing army of young artists and hobbyists who are creating their own content for fun and for professional opportunity. New educational prices for software and new low-cost software products are creating opportunities for people who love 3D. The growth in smartphone and tablet use is also opening the door to new approaches to creating 3D content.

At Siggraph Asia in November, Jon Peddie Research will host industry press for an opportunity to explore this brave new world, as the JPR annual Press Luncheon tackles “The Democratization of 3D.”

Among the topics that will be covered in this session are:

  • Who are the people creating 3D content?
  • What products are they using?
  • Are they getting jobs?
  • How does this trend for more people creating 3D change the content creation industry
  • Can modern computers handle the demands of 3D modeling and animation? What about tablets?

There will also be a chance to talk about how the move to cloud-based technologies enable people to take advantage of processors in remote servers to accomplish tasks such as rendering for visualizations, interior decorating, architecture design, character creation and more.

Members of the press attending Siggraph Asia are invited to contact JPR directly about attending the luncheon, November 30 at Capri by Fraser.

Capri by Fraser Hotel Residences, the site for the Siggraph Asia 2012 Jon Peddie Research Press Luncheon.