Dell introduces XPS 18 all-in-one computer

Is it a notebook computer or a really big tablet?

Dell says its XPS 18 has a number of compet­itive and industry firsts that set a new standard for all-in-one comput­ers. Weighing just 4.85 pounds (with optional SDD), the XPS 18 is less than half the weight of other currently available portable All In One computers.

The Dell XPS 18. (Source: Dell)
The Dell XPS 18. (Source: Dell)

Equipped with 4 GB memory, a core i7-3537U with HD 4000 graphics, and an mSATA 256 GB drive, according to Dell, it has nearly double the battery life, offering up to five hours of runtime between charges (based on the Mobile Mark 2012 battery life benchmark test). The 18.4-inch HD touchscreen is over three times the screen size of the Apple iPad (nearly twice the diagonal).

The XPS 18 will be available on in the United States and in select countries in Europe on April 16, start­ing at $899.99

Our take 

We want one, that’s what we think. If it could also be used as a second monitor with a laptop, then you’d have a perfect road warrior combo.