CadFaster releases cloud-based 3D sharing for Revit and SolidWorks

Recent previews at Autodesk University and SolidWorks World generated considerable interest.

Autodesk Revit 3D file as viewed in CadFaster Collaborate. (Image courtesy CadFaster)

After a successful season of previews that generated considerable interest, CadFaster has released the first in its forthcoming series of products for cloud-based review of 3D CAD files.

CadFaster|Collaborate is now available for use with Autodesk Revit and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks files. The product allows up to 10 people to distribute, annotate, and co-view 3D designs in real-time using portable executable files. CadFaster claims their new cloud-based visualization engine is the fastest and most efficient 3D visualization technology in the market.

Similar products are based on one-to-one communication, requiring users to manually merge mark-ups from multiple users. By comparison, CadFaster|Collaborate offers real-time multi-user collaboration.

CadFaster also offers a STEP viewer in both free and paid versions.

CadFaster says it will release support for ArchiCAD and Bentley Architecture during the second quarter of this year, and “all major CAD platforms” within the next 12 months. CadFaster has already demonstrated on both the iPad and iPhone, and says a version of CadFaster|Collaborate for iOS is “coming soon.”

A version of CadFaster Collaborate has been demonstrated on the iPhone and iPad, and will be available commercially later this year.