IronCAD bundles kinematic simulator

SimWise Motion will offer immediate results and animation, for upfront analysis.

3D mechanical CAD solution IronCAD is adding simulation and dynamic motion simulation to its portfolio, following an agreement with Design Simulation Technology (DST). IronCAD will offer DST’s SimWise Motion as an IronCAD extension.

IronCAD is now offering SimWise Motion Design as an extension to IronCAD. It creates kinematic and dynamic motion studies from assemblies. (Source: IronCAD)

SimWise Motion Design Extension for IronCAD takes a design made up of assemblies of moving parts and simulates its kinematic and dynamic motion with a single click, allowing users to evaluate its functional performance. The goal is immediate simulation that closely reflects real-world functionality. IronCAD says it will allow engineers to answer fundamental questions such as “Does it work?” and “Will it break?” and “How can it be made better?”

SimWise Motion supports motors, actuators, gravity, realistic contact between bodies, springs, friction, damping and other generated forces, as needed. Once applied, SimWise Motion calculates several types of results that can be used to verify a design’s operation.

Animations created in SimWise Motion provide visual feedback engineers can use to understand if their designs will work properly, along with physics-based engineering data associated with the movement of an assembly. The program also provides vectors and plots of displacement, velocity, acceleration and forces. As changes are made to any design, all settings are updated and maintained so that iterative data can be compared to verify design improvement.